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Today, I will be reviewing Ellen Panda Brown (4COLOR) lenses generously sponsored by Be prepared for an avalanche of pictures!

The service and shipping was fantastic as usual. The package arrived, safely wrapped in layers of bubble wrap, in only two weeks after they last contacted me.
This time, no tweezers or case was provided with the lenses image. Here are pictures of the lens packaging:

Lenses in solution+my own case:

Trying them on:


Manufacturer: LENSPOP
Diameter: 14.8mm
Graphic Diameter: 14.5mm
Usage Period: 1 year
Water Content: 38%

On to the review...
Comfort level: ☆☆
To be honest, these definitely stung when I put them into my eyes. Moreover, the lenses are huge, and the size takes a lot of getting used to. I don't think I could wear these for even 4 hours.

Enlargement: ☆☆☆
The enlargement is nearly to the point of looking alien-like! The brown ring around the edge definitely increases your eye size and makes them look much more dolly.

Naturalness: ☆
These lenses do not look natural at all. The solid brown ring, the giant size, the streaks of brown and other colors, and the ability to see the whites of your eyes through the lenses make your eyes look charming, but definitely not natural at all.

Overall: ☆☆☆
I would use these for cosplay, to make a dramatic statement, or to pull off an ulzzang look. Since they do not look natural and are not extremely comfortable, these lenses would be suitable for short-term use, but not very long. They are only $15 right now, so definitely give them a try if you are interested! 

Thank you Klenspop for providing amazing products and services! I highly recommend them not as a reviewer but as a customer too. Please check them out!~~

All opinions are 100% my own.

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